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Develop your next breakthrough with Zymr. We are a Silicon Valley-based full-stack Agile software development services company that help startups, ISVs, digital businesses, and enterprises embrace digital transformation to drive innovation.


Case Studies
SoPact Social Impact Management Service
FinTech Solution

Zymr helped SoPact to provide accurate and real-time social impact to the NGOs and integrate data sources into a meaningful analytics platform and opened the doors to Fortune-500 U.S. and European company foundations.

Impact Monitoring
ColorTokens Cybersecurity Test Automation Framework
Quality Automation

ColorTokens was pleased with the development of an extensible test automation framework. All components built for test automation leveraged curated open-source tools and libraries. Automated build, test, and deployment pipelines were set up by Zymr.

Mozzaz Mental Health Service Orchestration
Healthcare Platform

Zymr built a secure HealthTech service orchestration solution for Mozzaz which enabled the integration of the client’s behavioral health application with EHR systems of major health delivery organizations in North America.

Digital Health


White Papers

Market Review: Organic Sprouts for Healthy Business

Take a look at how young and mature businesses stay healthy in the cloud era through organic sprouts built from the assets they already possess.

Spark Your Big Data Analytics

Get to know how organizations leverage big data analytics, Big Data Hadoop, and MapReduce to increase variety and velocity of the data point.

Tech Report : Is SOA Dead

Understand how the cloud era has led to the demise of SOA and how the focus has shifted to cloud era software that offer API driven architecture.

The Evolution of Data Security for the Cloud Era

Understand how rapidly data security is evolving in the cloud era and how teams keep up the pace with the dynamic corporate data ecosystem amid uncertainties.



Healthcare Cloud Stack

This guide highlights how integrating new HealthTech innovations with legacy systems is vital for harnessing the cloud to drive innovation in healthcare.

Continuous Delivery Engine

This guide explains how continuous delivery encompasses a metric-driven automated software development pipeline.

Designing Mobile UX

This guide throws light on how a right approach to UX design begins with a thorough analysis of the application domain and critical use cases.

Quality Engineering and Testing for Mobile Apps

This guide provides an overview of mobile app testing considerations, blueprint to create a testing strategy for mobile app, risk mitigation plan, and QE checklist.






Take an in-depth look at how modern day cloud architectures that involve microservices impact software development organizations.


Delve deeper to understand how software executives gain an appreciation of the development options available to the modern tech business.


Blog Reading
Artificial Intelligence in Cloud
Cloud Technology
by Zymr
Mar 9, 2021

When cloud computing’s power meets the potential of artificial intelligence, businesses are bound to get transformed. The intelligent cloud is the new frontier of computing in turning corporate entities smarter. Digital transformation achieves new heights with intelligent cloud – ubiquitous computing enabled by the public cloud and artificial intelligence technology for smart applications and systems.  […]

Twitter And Aws Partner
Cloud Technology
by Zymr
Feb 18, 2021

“Twitter has partnered with one of the biggest cloud behemoths Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power its user feeds, meet scalability needs, and deliver exquisite user experiences.” Recently, the social media titan Twitter joined other corporate titans in taping public cloud providers like AWS cloud to manage its data-heavy timelines and real-time service delivery. Organizations […]

Microsoft Rollouts Quantum Computing
Cloud Technology
by Zymr
Feb 9, 2021

Tech behemoth Microsoft has recently announced the rollout of its cloud-based platform Azure Quantum that will make quantum hardware tools accessible to the public. The platform is designed to utilize quantum software, hardware, and tools from partners such as 1Qloud, Honeywell, Quantum Circuits, and IONQ, to offer what they are claiming to be “some of […]

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